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Amazing stuff

The idea behind this flash is so simple but so brilliant. Who would have thought someone who doesn't talk, trying to buy something and failing could be so funny. The animation was incredible and the humour was great. I assume you got a top mark for this? Great work.

Interesting Idea.

Well this was a very original idea and i must say you pulled it off nicely. The characters suited their roles, the animation was great and you have managed to flawlessly combine two entirely different games somehow. Loved Sonic as Masterchief and i look forward to seeing more episodes, hopefully with more action. Great work on this.


Here i am thinking i would be watching episode 2 of this next year some time. Then surprise Sonic: Nazo Unleashed Pt2 blasted onto my screen much earlier than i expected.

This is episode is even more awesome than the last. The super battle was more awesome than i would have ever thought, DBZ style attacks and Sonic and Shadow kicking more ass then they have in any game! Its what every sonic fan wants to see. I cant wait to see how this epic battle ends up.

Overall great work and you will remain my #1 favourite artist for a very long time with work like this! Pure Awesomeness!

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Needs improving.

Usually with games like this the arrows appear to the beat of the music. These were all over the place which made it a whole lot less enjoyable. The music cut out towards the end and the button combos remained very similar for the majority of the song.

It has potential but it needs a lot of work.


This game is great, im addicted!
To all the people who are saying its not as good as the real thing well it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out! But think about this: this is an awesome remake made by ONE person not a whole company and using FLASH too. If anyones willing to show me a better flash remake of this game go ahead, im sure you wont find one. Instead of posting comments like this isnt as good as the real version (which as i mentioned could a flash remake made by one person ever be) you should be congratulating him for making such a great game into a flash version for all.

So Congratulations for making an awesome flash version of this game, I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.


You have somehow managed to make tetris fun again. I was sick of crappy remakes but this version is awesome! The music, the sprite characters, the bonuses, everything was awesome. Sonic and tetris, a winning combination. keep up the good work!

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As I said earlier, this is quite impressive. Your music talent has increased very much and I look forward to hearing more from you my good man.

Athius responds:

Thank you, whoever you are. I have never seen you before and I will never see you again.

Good job

You did this very well and it was a good idea because everyone hates the crazy frog but. . .

There was a remix made of the Axel F theme already i think it was by captain hollywood or something.
This remix is the Axel F song without the crazy frog noises over it (as in it is the exact song that had the crazy frog sounds put over it)

What im trying to say is that it was a good idea but in reality the good remix was already made and then the frog noises added over the top. So your remix of not having the noises is not actually original.

But i commend you for your work!

Anima-Theory responds:

This song is very old now :P

I orginally had mocking noises of the crazy frog whilst the music was playing but my computer crashed, and I lost the files, so I remade it, and I couldn't be botherd to get the mocking noises again. So yeah

Thanks for the review


I enjoy a nice pair of slacks.


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