2007-10-21 12:07:50 by Aggressive

Im not very active here at the moment, hell I'm not very active anywhere. I say it is up to you to get me active again. Yes, It is your responsibility.

That is all for now.


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2007-10-28 14:18:30

I commented, now be active dammit. We got a redesign to launch at the YPB!

Aggressive responds:

Awww hell I wish I had of got this sooner. I've got to get my rep back up. Ill be actively posting shortly.


2007-12-11 00:05:58

You need a header and posting avatar. I can make on for you, but I have limited skill, I use flash, not photoshop.

How about it?

Aggressive responds:

Posting avatar? You mean for when I post entries like this one?
I could make them myself but I'm a plain lazy shit. What exactly would you be making me?


2007-12-31 03:09:36

there is a secret society of about 120 officials from various governments planing world domination, does this alarm you?

Aggressive responds:

Oh, so you herd about our little organization did you?
You shall be silenced!


2008-01-06 10:31:42

You butt-tangler, get active again.

Aggressive responds:

I am both afraid and aroused by your wrath!
I'll do my best...


2008-01-06 11:57:23

(Sorry I'm replying too late, I totally forgot who I volunteered to.)

What do you want for a banner and etc.?

Aggressive responds:

I wouldn't worry about it too much at the moment.
Im barely active. If I get a little more frequent I'll let you know.


2008-01-07 15:51:56

do you want to make a combined remix of green hill, SMB overworld and Bugler's Dream (a theme of the olympics)? yes/yes

Aggressive responds:

Hell I'd love to, but I'm currently learning a new professional music program so it will be a while before I tackle anything like that.


2008-03-31 16:23:11

well.. ive made a story about my character somewhere on my profile maybe you can go there